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2002 LESI Conference in Osaka Profiles of Japanese Speakers

Preparation for an international conference is usually laborious and time-consuming. One of the difficulties is the arrangement of speakers.
LES Japan has been successful in this respect. Largely owing to the labor of the Programming Committee, we were able to finalize the guest speakers who are outstanding in business circles and academia.
Here is a brief introduction of each Japanese guest speaker and a topic to be presented for the 2002 LESI Conference in Osaka.

Mr. SHIINA is ex-president and chairman of IBM Japan. He took the helm of IBM Japan, which is the largest as a manufacturer of computers in Japan, for 18 years. He is currently Senior Advisor of IBM Japan, Ltd. and Chairman of IBM Japan Advisory Council. He has spent most of his career with IBM Japan, Ltd., having joined the company in 1953. He was appointed as a board member in 1962 and held directorial positions in manufacturing, personnel, marketing and corporate headquarters before being elected to President in 1975 and to Chairman in 1993. He assumed his current position as Senior Advisor of IBM Japan, Ltd. in December 1999. He is active as officer and/or director in many other organizations, including Japan Productivity Center for Socio-Economic Development, HOYA Corporation, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Meiji Seika Kaisha, Ltd., Keio University, and International University of Japan.
Mr. Shiina holds degrees in mechanical engineering from Keio University (1951) and Bucknell University (1953). He received the Blue Ribbon Medal Award in May 1990, the Trade Award in October 1994, and the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Sacred Treasure in November 2000, all from the Japanese Government.
At the Monday Morning Plenary (PL I), Mr. Shiina will touch upon the changing role of corporate strategy and intellectual property rights in the age of IT.

Shosaku YASUI
Mr. YASUI is currently CEO of Teijin Limited, which is one of the largest manufacturers of fibers, plastics, and medical products. He was born on Jan. 16, 1935 in Kyoto, Japan. Graduated from Kyoto University, Mr. Yasui joined Teijin Limited in 1957. At Teijin, he has supervised various business units such as the Overseas Project Dept. (1981) and the Films Sales Dept. (1982). In 1988, he assumed the position of director and president & CEO at P.T.Teijin-Indonesia-Fiber-Corp. (JV). He returned to the headquarters of Teijin itself in 1992 and his promotion since then was outstanding. In 1992, in his capacity as a board member, he supervised the New Business Development Group and System Business Development Division. In 1993, he became Managing Director and, in 1994, Senior Managing Director. During the period when he was managing director, he supervised the Film Group & Information Systems & Recording Media Business Division. In 1997, he was elected to President. Mr. Yasui has been Chairman of the Japan-Thailand Trade and Economic Committee since 2000, and Vice President of the Japan Chemical Fibers Association since 2001.
At the Tuesday Morning Plenary (PL III), Mr. Yasui will cover the topics of international alliance (I/A) and technology transfer (T/T) in view of operations by subsidiaries abroad; transactions of equipment supply and licensing; the policy making process within the Teijin Group; key factors in doing business in Asia; and characteristics of Japanese-style T/T.

Mr. Hijikigawa is well known as a pioneer of liquid-crystal display products. He is now corporate executive director & group general manager of Display Technology Development Group of Sharp Corporation. After joining Sharp in 1969, he has made a significant contribution to the development of TFT color LCDs and showed a great leadership in establishing the technology for their mass production. He received the Special Recognition Award from the Society for Information Display in 1995, and the Achievement Award from the Japanese Liquid Crystal Society in 2000.
At the Tuesday Morning Plenary (PL III), Mr. Hijikigawa will focus on the world of liquid crystal display. The recent evolutions in both the infrastructures and technologies of digital communication networks are making a big paradigm shift in the LCD world. He will summarize the progress of the liquid crystal displays and the paradigm shift.

Mr. MATSUMOTO is a well-known professor and prolific writer in the art of trans-cultural communication. He was born in Osaka in 1940 and graduated from Kansei Gaku-in University in Kobe in 1962 with a B.A. in commerce. He has been active as an advocate for the art of debates and a moving force behind the Inter-Cultural English Exchange (ICEE), an English language cross-cultural communication skill test. He is now a professor at Honolulu University. His wide-ranging career includes teaching English through thought-provoking methods and publication of more than one hundred books. He is strongly committed to a spiritual approach to English learning called "Eigodo" (English as a way of life), which is associated with traditional Japanese martial arts and cultural pursuits.
At the Wednesday Morning Plenary (PL V), Mr. MATSUMOTO will talk on the interesting topic of "Japanese Legal Mindedness" and analyze the Japanese way of legal thinking which can be categorized as being: 1) Ant-thinking - reactive, 2) Bee-thinking - active, 3) Spider-thinking - proactive, and 4) Scorpion-thinking - retroactive.

Mr. KAWAKATSU is a well-known author and professor of comparative studies in economic history. He was born in Kyoto in 1948, received D.Phil. from the University of Oxford, U.K. in 1985. He was Professor at Waseda University, Tokyo (1990-98) and now is Professor of Economic History at the International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Kyoto. His publications in English include "International Competition in Cotton Goods in the late Nineteenth Century", in W. Fischer et al. (eds.), "The Emergence of a World Economy, 1500-1914" (1986), "The Lancashire Cotton Industry and Its Rivals" in K.Bruland and P.O'Brien (eds.), and "From Family Firms to Corporate Capitalism (1998). He was a co-editor of Japanese Industrialization and the Asian Economy (1994). His publications in Japanese include "Japanese Civilization and the Modern West", "A Treatise on the Wealth and Virtue of Nations", "A Maritime Historial View of Civilizations", and others.
Being another guest speaker for the PL V, Mr. KAWAKATSU will elaborate on the emergence of modern civilization with a particular emphasis on a maritime perspective of Asia.

Shunsaku TASAKI
Mr. TASAKI, is the founder and President of Tasaki Shinju Co., Ltd., which makes and trades cultured pearls and has many retail shops in Japan and abroad. He was born in 1929, graduated from Nagasaki College of Economics (Currently Nagasaki University). He is now President and Representative Director of Tasaki Shinju (Pearl) Co., Ltd. He started Tasaki Shinju Shokai, Ltd., as President in 1956, and the company was changed into Tasaki Shinju Co., Ltd in 1959. He also established Omura Pearlheim Social Welfare Corporation and was elected Chairman of its Board of Directors in 1975. He was elected President of Japan Pearl Promotion Society in 1983, and President and Representative Director of Akoya Shoji Co., Ltd. He was awarded the Medal with Blue Ribbon in November 1984 and awarded Third Class of the Order of the Sacred Treasure in May 2000.
At the Monday luncheon, Mr. Tasaki will highlight the charms of pearls.

Mr. FUJIWARA is a professor of information science at Kanagawa University. He was born in 1933, studied physics at University of Tokyo (honored with a Ph.D. ) From 1957 to1976, he worked for KURARAY CO., LTD., one of major chemical companies in Japan. He engaged in the establishment of the Institute of Information Sciences and Electronics at University of Tsukuba where in 1977 he became the first Chairman. He served as Chairman of Graduate Course in Science and Engineering at University of Tsukuba 1994-96. In 1997, he moved to Department of Computer Science at Kanagawa University. He is now Chairman of the Expert Committee of Scientific Document Information of Japan Science Society, Vice-chairman of Journal of Japan Society of Information and Knowledge, and Vice-chairman of International Forum of Information and Documentation. He is Chairman of the National Center for Industrial Property Information (NCIPI).
At the Wednesday Luncheon, Mr. Fujiwara will focus on new form of patent information service and cooperation between industry and academia.

(By Jinzo FUJINO; Published in the LES Japan's Newsletter "WINDS from Japan" June 2002)

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