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NGB IP Research Institute Analysis of Top 40 Japanese Patent Publications in 2008

The NGB IP Research Institute has completed an analysis of Japanese patent publications for 2008. Using the Japanese patent information database PATOLIS, the NGB IP Research Institute looked at which companies had the most Japanese patent publications published in 2008. According to the data, the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) published a total of 374,019 patent publications in 2008, slowing down slightly from the 2007 total of 379,560. Patent publications of the top 40 applicants accounted for 135,442 of the total, and make up 36% of the total publications for 2008.

Panasonic (formerly Matsushita Electric Industry) tops the list again in 2008, however with a slightly reduced number of patent applications. Similarly, many other Japanese electronics companies, for example, Canon, Fuji Xerox, Seiko Epson, etc, have had a reduced number of patent applications published compared to previously years. Among the top 40 applicants, Nissan Motor's publications have been reduced by about 1,600 publications, which represents a considerable rejection of about 50% from the level of 2007.

On the other hand, Toyota Motor, NEC, Funai Electric, Daikin Industries and JTEKT each increased the number of patent publications from the level of a year ago. Especially, Daikin Industries' publications grew by about 450 publications, representing a considerable increase of about 60% from the level of a year ago.

Over 90% of the top 40 applicants are Japanese companies, in particular, Japanese electronics companies like Panasonic, Toshiba, Seiko Epson and Canon. However, among the top 40 applicants, foreign companies Phillips and Samsung Electronics are ranked the highest, being ranked 22nd and 29th, respectively.

Top 40 Japanese Patent Publications in 2008

(Atsushi NOZAKI, Chief Analyst, NGB IP Research Institute)

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